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How to improve your academic writing

The good news is that there are some simple and practical steps you can take to improve your academic writing. These are not time-consuming, they cost nothing and they have been proven over many years by many writers. Consider these steps and by thinking about them and then applying them to your work, you should, in fact must see an improvement in your academic writing. Here are some areas in which you can definitely show improvement.

  • stay away from plagiarism
  • stay away from too many quotations
  • stay away from vague and jumbled writing
  • stay away from too many words
  • stay away from unverifiable content

Plagiarism is rife in essay writing and even in academic life today. Why it has developed to such an extent is not the subject of this article. The fact that it is damaging to the work of the student who uses it is beyond dispute. If you want to improve your academic writing, create the work yourself and do not copy and paste.

Many writers are keen to show that they haven't read widely in researching the topic. One way they indicate their avid reading is to make quotations they have discovered along the way. Quotations are fine. Too many quotations are not fine. You will do yourself more harm in your academic writing by having too many quotations. Of course how many is too many is a question you must resolve yourself.

One of the worst qualities a student can have with their academic writing is to have it labelled vague or jumbled. You need clarity of writing. Have you got such clarity? Well if you can't see how your writing is not clear, at least ask colleagues, family and friends for some feedback. Listen to their comments. If they say they are confused about a certain paragraph, look at it again. Can it be written in a more simple fashion?

The old adage that less is more certainly applies to academic writing. If you are given a certain number of words to complete an essay or thesis, stick to the requirement. You don't get extra points by writing extra words. The skill is being able to say what you need to say in the amount of words you have been allocated.

Making statements in your academic writing is something you will need to do often. What you must never do is make statements which you cannot substantiate. Every time you make a point make sure that you can prove what you are saying. Be able to back up your claims.

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