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How to Get Help with Chemistry Homework

Getting stuck while doing your homework can be an annoying experience. Most students have suffered the frustration of trying and failing to cross a barrier while working on an assignment. Sometimes the problem is not with one assignment but with the course as a whole. You do not have to be good in all subjects to be considered smart. It is all right to find some courses more challenging than others. Your chemistry homework problem does not need to be a crisis. There are ways to overcome, bypass, jump over, or crawl under just about any problem. Here are some ideas for doing that when your “chemistry” is off:

  • Distance yourself from the assignment: If you are being stuck with just this one assignment, and are usually fine with the chemistry course, then all that you may require is a break. Try doing something else for a period. Go out, take a walk, listen to some music, watch a movie, or work on another assignment. Chances are you will be able to tackle it when you approach it afresh.
  • Call a parent/cousin/friend/senior: You do not have to hesitate in calling others for help. Do you know someone who is good with Chemistry? A classmate perhaps? Now is the time to let them know that you acknowledge their understanding of the subject and will appreciate any help they can offer. You can barter trade too: Offer your help with a course you are good at in return for their time and help.
  • Google it: This is trickier than it sounds. For the once-in-a-while problem, Google can help. You can read an article on the topic at hand, find a blog, or website that teaches Chemistry. Just be sure to find something that is of your level. There are other options available online. For example, there are online lessons, charts, and calculators that can be useful for you. For a chronic problem with the course, you will have to go more distance than randomly searching the web.
  • Speak to your teacher: You can ask your teachers help with the course. A good and concerned teacher will give you some extra time each week to help you. You can also talk to them about what exactly it is that makes Chemistry hard for you. Be upfront if you think that they can help by doing something in the class, being more thorough or slower for instance.
  • Get private lessons: After school, tuitions may be the best option if you can allocate some hours each week to the learning of Chemistry. Consider the expense, time and commute while making up your mind.
  • Find or form a study group: See if you can find a study group on campus, or if you can form one with your friends. Doing things together multiplies productivity.

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