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Homework Help for Middle School Students: Tips on How to Ease the Stress

After leaving the safety and security of elementary school, middle school students are often overwhelmed with everything involved in middle school. In elementary school, students stayed in one room with one teacher and the same students. In middle school, all of that changes as students move from room to room with different teachers and different students. The stresses that come with meeting new people and adjusting to a busy schedule can take its toll on homework. Fortunately, middle school students only need to know a few tips to make homework time less stressful and more successful.

Use a planner: One of the most important tools for any student is a planner. Whether you use a paper planner or a smartphone calendar, you need to choose a method that you can use for every class, every day. From the very first day of school, you should always take time to write down assignments and due dates.

Be organized: Using the planner is only the first step to success in middle school. The other is being organized. This means that you should have a folder for each class. One side is for work that is finished and the other is for work that needs to be finished. Students will often have a notebook for each class, too. You can be even more organized is the classroom folder and notebook are the same color.

Put away your phone: While the smartphone is a good tool to use to be organized, it is also easy to get distracted by it. You should never use your phone during class for texting, playing games, or anything other than recording your homework for the night. When you are busy working on your homework, you should also put your phone away so you can focus on the task at hand.

Ask for a second set of books: Middle school students tend to get a lot of homework, so they have to carry a lot of books. Since middle school students do not always think clearly, they leave their books at school because they are too heavy to take home. Ask your teacher if you can have a second book so you can have one at school and one at home. This makes the backpack lighter and you will never forget your books at home or at school.

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