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Should Homework Be Banned In Schools: List Of Pros And Cons

The debate on banning homework has been going on for years and the debate is still going strong today.  The reason that some people want homework to be banned is because students seem to be getting more homework these days.  This isn’t done on purpose, school are just adjusting to the times.  More homework is being handed out because there is more to learn and not enough time in classes to teach it.  And with studies and other forms of research done on how much homework to give, schools have adjusted to the standards of learning.  There are cases where too much homework has been given in one night for a student; this makes it hard to complete the work when you don’t have enough time.  I don’t think that is should be completely banned but I do think that we need some kind of reform that can figure out, what the right amount of homework should be given to students for each class a night.


  • Homework helps student practice what they learned in class, which helps them retain the information and improve skills like math, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Having students do reading assignments at early ages helps with brain development. Encouraging elementary school kids to read for assignments and in their spare time will help them later in life.
  • The time spent in the classroom is sometimes not enough time to completely teach a subject.  That is why homework is assigned so students can fully learn the subject.
  • Homework helps instill discipline in the students; homework gives them responsibilities that have an obligation to complete.  It also helps raise their intelligence.


Most of the cons are directed to students of a younger age but can cross over to older students.

  • Studies have shown that giving homework to younger students has very little effect on how well that student performs in school.  There is so much that younger students can learn from doing homework.
  • Homework can cause stress for most students, which causes them to preform more negatively than positively.
  • We need a better system for homework.  The current system has students doing ten minutes per grade a night of homework.  This system does prepare students for the workload they will be faced with in college but isn’t always enforced.  Some high school students can do up to five hours a night because they have multiple classes to do homework in.
  • Students need to have more free time to enjoy being a kid.  Being assigned homework on weekends and holidays leaves little time for students to enjoy a break from school.

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