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How Should I Do My Homework in Spanish: Useful Tricks

Thousands of translation applications exist in the world today; from books, to smartphones, to computer generated software. When it comes to Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world, completed a homework assignment should come just as easily as doing an assignment in one’s native tongue.

How To Do Spanish Homework Effectively

  • Computer Translators
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Instructor/Professor
  • Neighbors

Computer Translators

A quick and easy way to complete an assignment is to use an online computer translator. It is of the utmost importance however that a student ensures they translate the same phrase back into their native tongue. Nothing more embarrassing exists than someone that wants to use the Spanish verb, despegar: to take off, as in an airplane and they end up using the verb, quitar: to remove, as in their clothing. The instructor of the course would be highly confused as to why someone is getting undressed on the airplane.

Peer Tutoring

Another useful way to accomplish one’s homework assignment in a foreign language is with a tutor. Usually these are fellow students that have mastered a concept in the course or have taken the course before and excelled. This is an easy one on one way to speak to someone in one’s own peer group. Sometimes college and universities have a teaching assistant that comes from a country that speaks the native tongue to help instruct their students. This allows for the teaching assistant to have a conversation table, allowing all students to converse amongst each other while having someone that can help them make sure they are using the language properly.


The most useful way to accomplish one’s homework in Spanish is to simply ask their instructor for help with any question they do not understand. Instructors almost always have accreditation from an institute of higher learning, i.e. a university and have studied abroad in a Spanish speaking country such as Nicaragua, Mexico or Spain as a way to culturally immerse themselves in the language they are instructing.


If someone from the United States living in Florida, California or Texas needs help on one of their assignments, they should look into asking someone in their neighborhood, as the Hispanic population is heavily developed in these three states (amongst others). The possibilities of learning Spanish are endless with television, books and fellow citizens to engage in conversations with. The only way to continue the development of knowledge in a language is to practice it every day and within no time it will not be so foreign anymore!

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