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The Best Way To Solve Dynamic Programming Homework Problems

Dynamic programming is a helpful type of algorithm that can be used to solve very difficult problems by breaking them down into smaller problems. By keeping and re-using the answers to the smaller problems, you can avoid duplicating answers. There are 2 kinds of dynamic programming; bottom-up encoding and top-down encoding.

Problems have to possess a property called optimal substructure in order to be able to be solved using dynamic programming. Optimal substructure means that if the problem was broken down into smaller pieces, you could find the answer to each of those pieces. If this can be done, the problem can be solved by dynamic programming.

This is a very basic definition of the dynamic programming is. If I was responsible for learning this theory, I would make sure that I broke down this process into smaller parts and understood each part. I am sure this was introduced in a classroom setting and explained thoroughly. If I didn’t understand it during class, I would ask for special tutoring sessions by my instructor or by the teacher’s assistant. There are other options also to help with homework problems:

  • Ask other students who are taking the class with you. Sometimes if you put your heads together, you have a better chance of helping each other understand the problem and come up with the solution
  • Past students are a gold mine when it comes to answering difficult problems. All of these students have been through this section and most probably survived. Many of them will be more than willing to help you through this very difficult section of the course.
  • Professor- You can schedule time with your professor to get some individual help if you feel it is necessary.
  • Online sites- There are online sites all over the internet that are ready and willing to give you any type of assistance you need. All of this wonderful, helpful advice comes with a price. The more difficult the concept, the more expensive the help will be.

Throughout your academic career, you are going to come across some subject matter that you just don’t understand. Don’t get too upset about it. Understand that you need extra help and find it. The worst thing you can do it stick your head in the sand and ignore the fact that you don’t understand the problem. The mature, intelligent thing to do is find someone, somewhere that will help you find the solution and teach you the subject material. The smartest thing is to know when you need help and where you can get it.

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