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Trying to tackle math homework at any stage of your academic career can be challenging, especially if you do not consider yourself a math wizard. The material may seem foreign, it is too difficult to understand, or you simply do not have enough time in your schedule to work on tediously long math assignments. Many college students face these issues when it comes to math homework. The bright side is that now that we live in a world of instant access, you can have math question answered in a matter of seconds. But do these online homework help in math tools help or hinder students?

The Pros

Ask any student who struggles in math and they will give you a dozen reasons immediately why having access to math homework online is a great thing. Here are some of those reasons.

  • It saves time- This is the most commonly heard reason as to why these online math homework sites are so popular. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out the answer to a problem, you simply plug in the information and have the answer immediately. Now math homework can be done in less than 15 minutes instead of 5 hours.
  • It saves energy- Well, it saves mental energy. This ties in with saving time; your brain does not go into overload from trying to figure out difficult math questions.
  • The answers are correct- Think about it, when you do your math homework on your own you have no idea if the answer is correct, especially if you are having a difficult time following the material. Well, when you go online and look for a math answer you know with much more certainty that the answer you get will be correct. This is like striking gold for students who have math classes where homework points are a large chunk of the overall grade.
  • Instant access- Not everyone has time to seek one-on-one attention or go to the math center for help. Students who are doing their assignment late at night and stumble upon a problem can still get the help they need by going online.
  • Extended knowledge and a range of math subjects- One beneficial aspect of getting help with math online is the fact that so many other subjects are covered. Calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and microeconomics are just a few areas covered. No matter what kind of math you are taking there is sure to be a website that can help. Also, these sites can help students understand the material better at their own pace. You can also use these sites to double check your work to make sure you reached the correct answer.

The Cons

There are some downsides to getting homework help in math online. Online maths homework help can do more damage than good if it is not used in the proper manner. Here are some examples.

  • Cheating- Is this considered cheating? Well, in the eyes of some colleges and professors it could be. If you are only plugging in the information to get an answer then yes, it is cheating.
  • Being unprepared- If all you use online math homework assistance sites for is to get answers then you will be unprepared when it comes time to take the exam.

As you cans see, the ability to get help with math homework online has many advantages. The important thing to remember in using these sites is to use them properly. Do not use them as a crutch to get through your math class; instead, use them to help you ace the course.

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