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How Much Should I Pay Someone To Do Homework For Me

This is the billion dollar question. The Holy Grail that I frequently get asked by college students from just about every possible course imaginable. Everyone wants to know what the going rate is to get someone to do their homework for the answer to them. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers that they are looking for. Let me explain why.

It is understandable to want assistance

Every student at some point in the course of their academic studies feels as though they are floundering. They feel as if they can’t cope. They don’t understand the homework. They have a party to attend. Their mom is coming to visit them for the weekend, and they don’t have time. That is fine. However, there is a difference between wanting a little bit of help and getting someone to do the whole project for you. Because, that by any definition is cheating.

Plagiarism is not allowed

All colleges have a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism – copying someone else’s work. Unfortunately for you, having someone else completely do your homework for you also falls into this bracket and can have major ramifications if you are found out. The last thing that you want is to get dropped from your college course, and potentially miss out on your dream career over this. While, I openly advocate the need for some help and assistance, I cannot condone someone doing your homework in its entirety for you.

Laziness will have a negative impact later in life

At the risk of sounding like your nagging parents, laziness will not help you become a high achiever. Getting a college degree takes hard work and requires a fair amount of discipline. Cheating is not the way forward. Yes, it is very easy to think “Oh, what’s the harm in doing this just the once?” The answer to that is probably nothing. If it is just the once, to get you through a major crisis. The danger is that you will find yourself on a slippery slope and that once you start going down the route of paying someone to do your work, you will be unable to stop, which will in turn lead to you eventually being found out. With all of the consequences that come with it.

No-one said college was going to be easy

Knuckling down and digging deep now will pay dividends in future. You came to college to learn, not to constantly cut corners so that you can party. The answer to the question posed in this post is then nothing!

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