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Tutorial: Math homework answers online can be tricky

An exhaustive search finally leads to a website that promises to help with math homework. But, after reading the details and working through a few problems, it becomes clear that the site isn’t a perfect solution. Where does that leave a student needing help? 

  • Online math homework websites 
  • Online sites contain text and graphics that answer only the most general of math homework questions. This means that the method used to answer the question will be the simplest one. The new Common Core Math Standards stress, however, that students show an ability to find solutions using more than one method. Teachers, therefore, provide instruction on a number of methods for finding solutions. Students coming to the website looking for help may not find the methods they are learning in school. This is especially problematic if parents have paid for access to the site, but are still unable to find the specific help they were seeking.

  • Pay-per-question websites
  • Some websites have lists of tutors where parents and/or students arrange for receiving individualized help. The services offered by these tutors may be as basic as questioning and answering, where a student emails a question and receives an answer for a fee. This can become costly if students need help with many homework problems. It also does not offer the slower pace of tutoring students may need, nor does it offer specific explanations that show how to use other methods to answer the same problem. 

  • Paid subscriptions
  • Another alternative in finding math homework answers online would be a program that offers an entire package of products: online tutoring sessions, software, videos, and interactive materials. With these companies, the student would have greater flexibility in finding the right tools to help with all types of math homework. Rates for subscriptions to these types of services can start as low as $25.00 and go as high as $1000.00. The overall cost of the program can be the first obstacle in obtaining answers. Also, if the company does not provide many package options, students and their parents end up with more products than they actually need.

  • Traditional tutoring
  • Tutoring services offer an hourly rate for one-on-one sessions; some tutors even offer diagrams, and information packets along with their one-on-one sessions. Although every tutor guarantees satisfaction with his or her methods, there not a regulatory system to rate tutors ability and performance before choosing one. 

Seeking help online is a great way to find answers to math homework problems. However, not every website will offer the right tools.

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