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How To Manage Your Year 7 Art Homework: Tips And Tricks

When most people think of art classes, students do not generally think of homework. They may imagine making pottery or taking photographs, but homework is the last thing on the student's mind. By the time students reach year 7, they will generally have to start doing assignments in art class. To stay on top of their assignments, students should use the following tips.

Use an Agenda

Although many students have smart phones and mobile devices, there are few things that can substitute a basic, old school agenda. In an agenda, the student should track all of the assignments that they need to do. They should estimate the amount of time that they need to complete each assignment. If they know that they will be busy later in the week, they need to do some of their homework in advance. In addition to writing down assignments on the day that they are assigned, they should also write down the due date. Each night, the student should look in their agenda to make sure that they do not have any art homework due the next day.

Get Materials

In some art classes, students will have to write essays or do biographical articles about an artist. For other assignments, the student may have to carve something, create a sculpture or paint a self-portrait. These homework assignments require a different variety of tools if the student wants to be able to complete them at home. Students should make sure that their home is stocked with all of the assignments that they need. If they do not have these materials, students should make sure that they have time to remain after school to work on their assignment in the art room.

Ask for Help

Many people are not naturally good at painting or sculpting art. If the student has problems doing their assignment, they can always ask their teacher for help. There are plenty of resources available to help students work on their assignments. If the student needs help writing, they can always find resources online or get a parent to help them with editing.

Take Breaks

To stay focused for a long period of time, people need to have periodic breaks. In general, students should take a break every hour. They should spend five or ten minutes relaxing so that their mind can refocus. Once this break is done, the student can resume their task with a renewed sense of energy.

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