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Where Can I Find Social Studies Homework Answers

Social studies is an important part of any curriculum. It’s important to learn about the world we live in as much as the sciences and languages. However, sometimes you might get a little stuck figuring out some of the answers. Here’s a handy list of places that might give you some help when it comes to social studies:

  • Wikipedia
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Internet
  • Paying attention in class
  • Wikipedia
  • Wiki is a great place to start if you’re completely stuck. While you should never reference it, as it’s not an academic book or a source, it is handy for general guideline. For example, if you have to study the U.S. Constitution or the judiciary system, all you have to do is look them up on Wiki and you’ll get a comprehensive overview of each topic. And you can do that for almost anything: Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights movement, Feminism, Islam – you name it and Wiki has it. Just keep in mind that it’s only a very good first step. For deeper analysis, you’ll need to look up books and articles.

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • This one is a cheat of sorts. If you work from a book in school, then your teacher works off of her own version of the book. Every schoolbook comes with a teacher’s version. It gives teachers lesson tips and helps them structure their classes, but most importantly for you, it contains all of the answers. Be warned though, it’s hard to get these if you’re not, you know, a teacher, and if you’re caught with it, you can say goodbye to your grades.

  • Internet
  • Maybe this one’s obvious, but if you’re stuck for answers, the Internet usually has them. Go onto an Ask forum or into a chat room and find like-minded wanderers in need of answers. You can be sure that you’re not the first person to need their homework done for them, and you won’t be the last. Try it out; just make sure that you’re talking to another kid and not your teacher.

  • Pay Attention
  • Of course you can find your homework answers all over the place, but the best place for answers is in the classroom. What you’re doing at home is mostly a revision of what went on in the class. Pay attention and take notes and you probably won’t struggle for answers again. But if that isn’t working, well, maybe ask a friend for his or her notes.

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