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How To Get Help With Statistics Homework For Free: 5 Great Suggestions

Statistics is a practice of science that is often dreaded by those who take courses in high school and in college. It involves collecting and analyzing large number sets particularly useful in matter of inferring proportions to a large group from the information gathered in a small representative sample. Homework in this area can be particularly difficult, often requiring outside help just to keep up with lessons. Here are 5 great ways to get statistics assignment help for free:

  1. Join a Study Group
  2. There have been numerous studies citing the positive benefits of joining or starting a study group to complete various kinds of assignments. The most ideal size for these groups include anywhere between 3 and 5 participants. Students get to share class notes, aid one another on difficult concepts, and collaborate to solve difficult problem sets.

  3. Visit a Homework Help Center
  4. If you are unable to get a study group going then you should look towards receiving help from volunteer educators at your local homework help center. You’ll find copies of textbooks, study sheets, practice tests and homework answers. More importantly you’ll be able to get some one on one help in areas you have particular problems with.

  5. Work with a Volunteer Tutor
  6. Several college campuses offer tutors some class credit for their volunteer time at local high schools and even some lower division courses on campus. See if you can sign up for this kind of assistance and get personalized help from a single tutor all semester long. The benefit of this is that your tutor will be able to gauge which areas you have the most trouble with, thus allowing him or her to modify their approach.

  7. Visit an Online Homework Help Site
  8. A simple online search will bring up several statistics homework help sites where you can receive live support with your assignments. The better sites will have a number of resources, including short videos of instructors giving lessons on various commonly confused concepts.

  9. Get Help from Your Teacher
  10. Lastly, you might want to go right to the source: your statistics teacher. Approaching your teacher will let him or her know that you are making an effort to understand a subject that is giving you a lot of trouble. Perhaps your teacher will modify teaching approaches or focus more on helping the entire class prepare for their assignments, rather than hand them out without knowing that people are need of further assistance.

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