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How to Get a Homework Pass: an Academic Guide for Newbies

Follow these guidelines and get yourself a pass for your homework even if you hate doing homework.

  1. Make sure of exactly what you are being asked to do. This may sound very basic but sometimes we may mishear what we are being asked to do for our homework and sometimes tutors will say what the homework is but not write it down. Truly this does happen!
  2. If you are not sure of your homework ask your tutor. If you ask your friend or another student they may have also misheard. Check what you have to do and when it has to be handed in.
  3. When you get home make sure you put in your diary the deadline date for your homework - actually better than that, put in a day or two before. This allows for other things that may have an impact on your time, such as a surprise family outing or party.
  4. Take a bit of time to make a plan. Sometimes the best bits of work are done when you make some notes and a brief outline then put it to one side for a day or two. Putting this stage off is bad practice, by making this part of your homework planning is time well spent and will be good grounding for disciplined study.
  5. Your tutor may have given you an idea of how long the task may take you. Plan accordingly. What other information do you need to find out to complete the work? Where are you going to find the information? DO you need to go the library to find out this information? Schedule all this in to your diary.
  6. Once you have all the background information that you need and have started writing your homework, do make sure that you schedule in some breaks, don’t try to complete it in one session. When you have a break, have a snack, listen to some music or take the dog for a walk. You will feel refreshed when you get back to the task and may even work more efficiently after a break.
  7. Take the time to read through your work make changes where appropriate. If you get stuck with your homework, don’t be disheartened, call a friend or briefly talk to your tutor who will give you some tips. It may be that others in your class are having the same problems.
  8. Read through your work again, and check that you have covered everything that was in the instructions. If possible get someone else to read through your work looking for a logical progression of ideas, grammar and sentence construction.
  9. If you finish your work before time, you could ask your tutor to read through your work incase there are any glaring mistakes.
  10. Hand your work in knowing you have followed all instructions.

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